Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Shipt Rejected Me. WTH?

I am sorry but when you read an ad to work for Shipt, you don't think it will be all that hard to get hired. . It is not rocket science. It is delivering groceries for Pete's sake. Granted, it is a nice service and all that. But how hard can it be? I am self employed and really could use a flexible part-time job. So Shipt seemed to be the perfect answer. Not only would it benefit me, but I like the idea of helping people out. I envision a lot of the people who use the service might be stay-at-home moms or shut-ins. I like the idea of making their lives easier. I got an invitation to do the on-demand interview, which is just answering some questions online. I know I got two answers wrong, and maybe I missed another one. I just don't know. But, I mean they were just asking questions about items in the store that you could find out once you are there. I got an email later saying that I was not accepted. I was shocked to say the least. I am smart, well educated and friendly. I would be good at that job. Makes me disappointed and wondering if it is ageism?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Challenges of Being Self-Employed

I have now been self-employed for two and a half years. It is exhilarating but frightening. I could have the moon, but I could also lose everything. How much do I have to try to do to make ends meet and get ahead? But how much do I do before I get overwhelmed. These are just some of the questions. I am still searching for the answers.

I became self employed two and a half years ago when a company hired me as an independent contractor. They offered me enough work for full-time work. And it was full time. That year I made more money than ever before and I was travelling to interesting places. It was a great life. And then the second year, it crashed. I am still working for the company, but the assignments have trickled down to equal about quarter-time work. Cannot live on that.

So, this second and third year, I am still working for that company, while adding on other work. I am still not making enough money, but the signs are hopeful that things will improve. One of my biggest challenges is keeping an eye on my calendar. I have so many things on there, it is easy to overlook something, and that could be the death knell for me.

I will be chronicling the ups and downs of the self employed world. Stay tuned and add your comments!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Why Can't I Keep My House Clean?

I live in a small two-bedroom condo. Why can't I keep it clean? Well, to be honest, I used to be able to keep it clean. But then I went to law school. Then I studied for the bar exam. Then I had some difficult family situations. And now I am trying to build my business and not go broke. I guess I just haven't gotten into the swing of things. But I really need to before I go crazy.

I was talking to a friend of mine in North Carolina over the weekend, and she mentioned
the other woman in raleigh nc. I said, huh? She said the other woman in raleigh, nc. Turns out it is a cleaning service, lol. Right now, I could use the other woman. What about you?

Free Cable Weekend

I had to cancel my premium channels to save money. That made me sad, as I love HBO and Showtime particularly. I am fans of Bill Maher, Girls, Homeland Security, etc. This weekend they offered a free premium weekend, but I didn't really pay attention to it until today. I wish I had noticed it Friday, as I could have watched The Game of Thrones marathon all weekend. I started watching season 4 today, but I was lost, because I didn't know the backstories. Tonight watching HBO, I noticed they have a couple of new sex type shows. Randy! But a little silly. Like who is really watching this stuff???

Thursday, November 27, 2014

I Need To Start Dancing Again

There was a time in my life when I took dance lessons. But I never took them long enough to get really good. I would go to these dance studios with friends for a free night here and there, and then I remember signing up for a three-lesson package or some such. But it was never enough to get good.

Before I went to Argentina in the late 90s, I did take some tango lessons, but again not enough to be good once I got there. I remember another student in the class told me she had taken some
salsa dance lessons in los angeles and that she had really enjoyed it. I may look into some salsa lessons as well. Anyway, I kind of miss the activity and meeting people through the lessons.

I Love the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Another Thanksgiving and another Macy's Parade. I really, really love it. Seems like it is just part of the Thanksgiving tradition. I like to watch the marching bands in particular and marvel at how the flag corps members never seem to mess up (since messing up wa a regular part of our flag routines in college, it seemed). Anyway, maybe there are thing we can't see! The TV cameras can only pick up so much, to be honest. I have always wanted to go to NYC for the parade. Maybe at some point I will. Seems like that would be a fabulous thing to do and a new tradition for Thanksgiving as well!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Don't Really Get Karaoke

I have to admit that I have never really "gotten" karaoke. Like, why do people do it? I can see at a party if you are just goofing around, but I am not sure why people do it in a restaurant. Are they trying to get discovered? I am  just not sure. I would think if they are just out for a fun time, they would do something else. But to stand up and sing in front of a bunch of strangers? Why?

I was out of town for work recently and stopped to eat at a TGI Fridays and it was late at night, and the only place I could sit is at the bar. They had a professional karaoke system set up in there, and the same two people kept getting up and singing. It was very annoying. Again, my only question is why?